03 October 2006

Goal of a Lifetime - Robin Van Persie

I really wished I'd bought a ticket to the away game at Charlton, it sounded like a brilliant game right until the final whistle with both teams going for chances.

I was listening on the radio as I scanned in photos for my brothers 21st and was so disappointed when we went one goal down. I thought it was going to be another of those games where we play the most beautiful football, have most of the possession but are denied getting a goal by the opposing team's backline. It was like listening to a repeat of an away game last season ... been here a few times before.

Then Robin Van Persie scored an amazing goal which was sent across from Helb, who himself did some great footwork to keep possession. I was delighted and couldn't wait till Match of the Day. I was really pleased for Robin VP as well, he is one of my favourite players, a delight to watch and always disappointed for him when he doesn't score the goal.

And then there was "that goal", the commentators where gushing about the goal again and again and even after the match said whatever you do don't miss MOTD. You think to yourself, "it must be some goal" but I wasn't prepared for how brilliant RVP's volley was - it does look like it is going to go above the post but curls in to find the top corner.

It was a cracker, top drawer and well celebrated by RVP. I agree it is definitely a contender for goal of the season - well done Robin Van Persie!

Can't wait till the next game at the Emirates ... I feel this is going to be a good season.

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